Rand McNally Car GPS

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Let's get it straight - finding the accurate way to our destination is tough and tiring. But that's why navigation technology exists! Brands, like the grand old Rand McNally, with its over 160 years of expertise, design some of the best GPS navigators for cars and trucks in the industry. Rand McNally Car GPS devices upgrade your daily commute with their advanced "connected vehicle technologies." They offer you intuitive maps and a lot of innovative features, designed keeping the driver in mind. The brand's GPS navigators for cars have just one aim - to maximize capabilities and minimize distraction while you drive.

Rand McNally Car GPS tablets are more than just navigators. They are an innovative android tablet with award-winning navigation and a range of travel content and tools designed to make your commute better. The brand uses the term "connected vehicle technology" for its innovative navigators. And, its car GPS tablets are no different. They not only provide you accurate and detailed navigation but allow access to various apps, emails, games, music, and more on the go. These tablets also connect with your smartphone to let you manage your call and text hands-free. Time to focus on driving!

The Most Advanced Car GPS Navigators

Rand McNally Car GPS + android tablets bring a host of features to make your car's dashboard the most efficient while you drive. Mounted on your car's dashboard, a Rand McNally Car GPS, like the OverDryve 7, allows you to navigate, text, call, all using your voice. It also sends out forward-collision warnings to make your drives safer. These advanced tablets also come with built-in dashcams to record your commutes or even an unfortunate collision. It comes with Rand McNally's award-winning navigation - leaves no doubt on its quality.

Enhancing Your Experience - On-road or Off-road!

The best thing about the brand's GPS navigators is that when you reach the spot, they turn to your everyday use android tablet. In simple terms, when you buy a Rand McNally Car GPS, you get the benefits of two at the price of one. You get an advanced GPS navigator with intuitive navigation features with lifetime maps, voice guidance, and a range of innovative features like lane assist, preloaded POIs, and more. At the same time, you also get an android tablet with a powerful processor that supports cameras, music, games, your favorite apps, and much more. For a truly connected experience, the car GPS devices also connect with other Rand McNally products, like backup cameras, headsets, and more.