Rand McNally Truck GPS

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The grand old navigation technology brand, Rand McNally, produces the best trucking GPS in the industry. It infuses cutting-edge driving and business tools in its truck GPS navigators to help you have an efficient time on your tours. Rand McNally TND and Overdryve GPS tablets bring award-winning truck-specific routing and a host of advanced features to help you throughout the trip. No wonder, the commercial trucking and logistics sector loves the brand for having transformed the industry much ahead of its time.

With over a century and half of expertise in navigation, Rand McNally leads the sector with its innovative solutions. Its advanced trucking GPS tablets provide you navigation, communication, and entertainment features - all rolled into one. Among them is its advanced routing software with comprehensive maps, real-time traffic updates, millions of POIs, and a lot more. They also offer lane guidance based on the size of your vehicle, various on-screen warnings and alerts, toll costs, fuel logs, and other updates. On the communication front, Rand McNally truck GPS offers voice assistance along with hands-free operation to manage your call and texts on the go. They also support dash cams to capture your adventures.

Towards a Robust Truck Navigation

Rand McNally Truck GPS tablets make the task easy not only for the driver but also for the fleet management organization. They have some innovative driver tools to get the trips done with ease. Aside from the award-winning truck-specific routing, they also provide fuel logs and mileage data with up-to-date fuel prices, like in the TND 750. The tablets are also compatible with Rand McNally E-log devices, where the truckers can log their hours, complete DVIRs, change duty status, and more. Hence, Rand McNally takes you towards robust truck navigation, no matter who you are - the fleet manager or the driver.

The Best Trucking GPS Units to Buy

Navigation is one of the essential elements of our journeys that we take care of using the range of GPS devices available in the market. And, there's no doubt that a Car or RV GPS would not be a correct choice for your trucking trips. That's not something to worry about as Rand McNally, the grand old brand of navigation tech offers the best truck GPS for sale in the market. The brand also designs innovative dash cams to help you capture your adventures - anything and everything that, perhaps, you missed. Rand McNally Truck GPS, both its TND and OverDryve tablets, provides you the most intuitive navigation, communication, and entertainment solution on your trips. Your dashboard is definitely underperforming without one!